Choosing A University With Your Course

Which Universities Offer your Course?

When you start looking at universities you should already know the subject area or even the specific course you want to study.

Even if you are at a university you really like, you will not have the best experience if you are unable to study a subject you are passionate about.

Step one. Rule out universities which don't teach your subject or course of choice. 
You can do this by looking at the relevant subject tables.If you are looking at uncommon subjects such as Veterinary Medicine, Celtic Studies or an unusual joint honours, taking this step will narrow your choice down to only a handful of universities.
However, for most of you looking at more popular subjects likes Mathematics or English, you will still be left with a long list of options.  

Step two. Research modules.
Different universities will offer different modules. Find the universities which offer the modules you want to study.

Step three. Find out the teaching and assessment methods.
You will have a preferred way of working. You're likely to be more successful studying somewhere which fits your preferences.

Step four. Academic facilities.
Find out what the university has to offer in the way of specialist facilities such as computer labs or online databases.

Considering these factors will likely rule out some universities which don’t provide the course you want to study in the way you want to study it.