English-Speaking Alternatives to British Universities

You may dream of doing your first degree in the USA, European or a Commonwealth country and every year such dreams become a reality for some students.

  • UK universities have a worldwide reputation.
  • Over 10,000 UK undergraduates are enrolled at US universities.
  • After graduation many students go overseas for further study or employment.
  • An increasing number of UK students are studying at universities in the EU countries, although this is still low despite media reports suggesting an exodus to avoid perceived higher costs in the UK.

The most common destinations are other English-speaking countries, including Australia, Canada, Ireland and the USA. Plenty of advice and information is available.

  • There is a regular 'College Day' in London organised by the Fulbright Commission, when around 100 US universities extol the virtues of an American university education.
  • There are also university ranking tables, similar to those found here, for each of the major English-speaking countries.
  • The vast majority of UK Universities offer study abroad opportunities at partner universities overseas or with companies and organisations offering placement years/internships– ask about them on Open Days and when you enrol.
  • Year abroad opportunities are not just for students studying languages. Many students undertake work and/or study exchanges or internships overseas.
  • some Uniersities offer "Langauges for All" style programmes where you can learn/continue a foreign language in addition to your degree with a view to spending a year overseas in third year.

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