Quality and Reputation

Most people would like to go to the "best" university that they can get into.

The Subject Tables rank universities on the basis of their research quality, the entry standards of their new students and how successful their graduates are at finding work or further study.

The main university League Table uses a wider range of measures of quality (not all are available at subject level) and ranks the quality of the entire university.

Teaching quality is measured using the outcomes of the National Student Survey.

As ever, quality comes at a "price".

An Oxford degree 'costs' more than other universities, though in this case the currency is examination results rather than cash (though see also the section on Cost).

Your results.

You will need to make a judgement about how well you are going to do in your school or college examinations and choose universities where you have a realistic chance of meeting the entry requirements.

This does not mean it is not worth applying.

UK Universities from top to bottom of the league tables have rigourous quality assurance policies put in place in part by the UK Government.

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