Making the Decision

Compile a short list of possible universities.

The first sources of information will be the undergraduate prospectus, website and app.

Another easy way of obtaining a pile of prospectuses and departmental booklets is to visit a higher education convention where most universities will have a stand to give out information and answer questions.

  • You may also get an opportunity to ask specific questions to a representative from the university.
  • A list of the events for applicants starting university in 2017-2018 can be obtained from the UCAS website.

If you are still unclear about entry requirements, check University & College Entrance: the Official UCAS Guide or the entry profiles on the UCAS website.

A personal visit to the university is essential

While trawling through all these sources of information, you will no doubt talk to friends, parents, teachers, careers advisers and anyone else who comes within range.

Checklist – choosing a university

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