The Facilities

The facilities offered by universities are fairly similar to one another.

All will have a library, a sports centre, a health service, a careers service and so on. If there is something that is particularly important for you it is worth checking it out before you apply. Create a speadsheet with a list of key facilities to build your own university facilities checklist.

Accommodation will be important if you are going away from home.

If you have a particular minority interest you would like to follow while at university, then this could be a decision-making factor.

Students' Unions (sometimes called Students' Guilds or Students' Associations) have always been an important aspect of student life.

Most universities have set up employment agencies or Job Shops.

If you have any special needs, do take the time to ensure that your needs will be catered for by the universities that you are applying to.

Be sure you find the institution that you feel will support you to have the best student experience possible.

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