The Location

Where do you want to go?

One way or another, location is likely to be an important factor. If you want to live at home, the decision might be straightforward. If you live in or near to London there could easily be half a dozen local universities to choose from. If you want to go away from home, then distance or travel time to and from home will be a factor.

Whether you go away to university or remain living at home either experience will be quite different.

Moving away from home may improve your graduate employability.

Some 'local' students choose to experience the best of both worlds.

Looking at a specific location.

If a particular town or city interests you, it is advisable to look at the geographical location of the university or universities you are interested in.

The town or city facilities might be a priority for you.

Prospectuses frequently boast about the attractive surrounding countryside.

The cost of living

Then, of course, there is the cost.

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