Top 10 Universities with the Best Student-Staff Ratio (non-Russell Group) 2018

The more staff a university has in relation to its students, the more likely it is that students will get an engaging learning experience. This countdown shows the universities with the best student to staff ratio.

Overall reputations and rankings aren’t all that students should consider when choosing a university, so this top 10 excludes the Russell Group universities, highlighting strengths of universities that might otherwise be underrated.

"University of Kent student"

10. University of Kent

There is an average of 13.3 students for each staff member at the University of Kent.

The University of Kent is known as UK’s European university, with 20,125 students across 3 UK campuses and 4 European specialist postgraduate centres, in Paris, Brussels, Rome and Athens. The university offers dual UK and European qualifications and most programmes offer the chance to work or study on the continent.

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