Five Post-University Options for Graduates

If you’ve spent the last three years dedicated to your university studies it can be hard to imagine a life outside of assignments, libraries and lunchtimes on the lawn. Graduating should be a gateway to a wider world of opportunity.

It might be tempting to drop everything and travel the world, or to plod along in the same part-time job you had throughout uni, but whatever appeals to you, there is a good chance you can make it happen, and it’s worth checking out the options below before you make a decision:


1. Postgraduate Studies (academic)

Whether you wish to stay in the UK or head abroad, postgraduate study is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd and really specialise in what you are passionate about. Some jobs may not require you to undertake postgrad course, but it’s a powerful move in the right direction for many careers, as it demonstrates that you have undertaken extensive research in your field and possess a lot of necessary workplace skills, such as time-management, self-motivation and drive. Studying can be costly, so it’s worth looking into scholarships.

This article was produced by Djuna Hallsworth at Grad Mag – www.graduatemag.co.uk.