Results Day

The lead up to results day can be a stressful time for even the most calm of us, don't get yourself in a tizz – use our guide to prepare yourself for all eventualities:



Before Results Day

Taking Scottish Highers, International Baccalaurate, BTEC or an Access Diploma?

Most of you will be waiting for examination results before you find out whether you have been accepted by the university of your choice.

Unconditional offers

If you accepted an unconditional offer as around 5% of applicants have done, all you have to do now is wait for the start of your course and roll up in September to register.

Sure it'll be good to get some nice grades to boast about, but no point stressing – enjoy your summer!

Results as expected?

If you find that your results mean you have met all the conditions of your firm choice or even insurance choice – congratulations! You have a place at your chosen university and you can relax (if you hadn't already), at least for now.

Results better than expected?

If you have done much better than you expected, you can continue with your existing choice, apply next year with your grades already in place to show to universities, or you can register for the UCAS system called Adjustment.

Results worse than expected?

Even if you have not met all the conditions, you may still find your place is confirmed. UCAS Track is the quickest and easiest way to check. 

If UCAS Track says both of your choices have been rejected, you've still got options:

It is more likely that highly popular courses at competitive institutions are not in Clearing/Adjustment, and it might be risky to ask for release this way. Always consider your options carefully.

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