What if I just miss my grades?

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Sometimes universities make exceptions if you do not meet your offer requirements.

If, for example, you were offered BBB (120 points) at A Level and got BBC (112 points) instead, you could still be accepted.

  • Check UCAS Track even if you have missed your grades.
  • Dropping a grade in a critical subject for your course will reduce your chances of being accepted, for example, if you were asked for a B in Chemistry but got a C.
  • It is worth calling the university and asking directly if they will still accept you. Many universities operate special Clearing hotlines, as they are keen to recruit good-quality students to fill places on their courses.

The cap on places for students has been abolished, and now universities can accept as many as they desire. This means there is more chance that near-miss candidates will be accepted by their first choices.

If you missed the grades, some universities may offer you an alternative course to the one you originally applied for.

For example, you may have applied for Psychology and be offered Psychology & Sociology as a joint honours course.

  • These are called 'changed course offers' and universities are allowed to do this if you have not met the conditions of their original offer.
  • This might be worth considering especially if it was the university itself that you liked most, and you can retain your accommodation first year guarantee.
  • Take time to consider any alternative offers and visit or speak to university staff and careers advisers in school/college if possible.

If you find you don't have a university place, and you're entering Clearing, see our Clearing pages for all the information you need.

Take a look at our information on Results Day for more clarification on what to do.