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A Student's Diary - Applying to University


(My attempt at) preparing for university in year 12

Well my preparation for university was certainly not the best, I started out on top of things at the beginning of the year – I even booked a Brunel campus tour but it stopped right about there. 

Now I'm going into year 13 and feeling a little bit unprepared. Don't make the same mistake I did and follow my advice for preparing in year 12:

  • Start thinking about your personal statement – At the start of the year there are many opportunities thrown at you that you can squeeze into your personal statement. For example my school gave students the opportunity for joining the sixth form council. If you get these opportunities, take them! It'll give you plenty to say on the dreaded personal statement. 
  • Go to open days – Always keep an eye out for university taster days and open days. Check monthly to be sure you are not missing out on anything. And read the CUG's tips on how to get the most out of them. And here's some of my own: 
    • See how you feel about certain universities, for instance I would like to study English literature and most universities offer this course so it eventually comes down to asking yourself “can I see myself living here for the next 4 years?”.
    • Talk to the lecturers who teach the subject you are particularly interested in. I spoke to my English teachers about studying 'English Literature with Creative Writing' and they suggested work experience options, universities they know are good for that specific course, and some careers to consider.

As I touched upon earlier you should also begin to prepare yourself for the mammoth task that is – the personal statement.  

Now this process would be a lot easier for me if I had done previous taster days, or taken part in any extra curricular activities or even joined the school council- basically all the tips I just listed. 

Because I didn’t follow my own tips when it came to starting my personal statement I felt like this when it came to starting my statement:

 Cloudy Cloudy 2

I had no idea how to start. I had no extra curricular activities to add. I wasn’t even certain about my course and why I wanted to pick it. I couldn’t list 5 universities I was certain I wanted to go to. I regretted the way I didn’t use my time wisely during year 12. So don’t end up like me and leave things until the very last minute

After your year in lower sixth, I hope you feel like this: