Liz Wright

A Student's Diary – Applying to University


Revising Over Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my teachers set for me; a 500-word essay.

On the second day of Christmas my teachers set for me; a practice exam, and a 500-word essay.

On the third day of Christmas my teachers set for me; background reading, a practice exam, and a 500-word essay.

…you get the idea.

While modular exams in January have been done away with for many subjects, my sixth form (and possibly a few others) is keen to make sure we know the pressure is on, kindly rewarding us with January mocks. In all honesty I’ve never really put much effort in when it comes to mocks, or certainly not as much as for the real thing.

Do some work over Christmas

I think this year will be different though, this year I will make an effort. I think it’s important as they’re in place to give me an idea of the grades I could get in the summer if I don’t get out of second gear. They’ll also help me identify which universities I want to put as my firm and insurance.

Working Over Christmas Christmas trees

All my university offers are conditional, with grades from AAB to BBB. I’m aiming for the top grades (my first choice at the moment being the University of York who want AAB for philosophy) but the mocks will let me know whether I need to accept a BBB offer as my insurance and backup choice. So I suggest you do the same and take January exams seriously.

Of course it’s also entirely possible that we’ll get to January and I will slip back into the “it’s only a mock” default…. But I’m encouraging you to do the opposite.

Throughout all of these advice blogs I have tried to sound positive, and uplifting. But the truth is it’s not easy at all. I’m dragging myself out of bed in the morning and my first thought is ‘how long till I’m back here?’ And with the amount of work I’ve already been set it looks like I won’t get much of a Christmas break either.

But have a bit of fun too

But back to looking on the bright side of things. It is indeed Christmas, and whether I have a proper break or not there will still be Christmas movies, Christmas dinner, and all the fun and general happiness that Christmas brings. Even to me and my fellow university applicants.