Liz Wright

A Student's Diary – Applying to University


Student Loans etc.

This month I’m thinking about money, and that’s not because I have a lot of it, in fact quite the opposite, especially with several friends’ birthdays around the corner. I’m talking about student loans.

Student Finance is now open for loan applications, and it’s a relatively straightforward process. I say ‘relatively’ because my mum did a lot of mine for me, she said it was easy.

Applying for student finance:

I’m told it’s a good idea to send your application off ASAP – it means you’ll receive the loan on time and you can iron out any complications now.

The CUG fees section give students a guide to all they need when it comes to uni and money.

Also on my mind

I seem to have spent a lot of my time in the past few weeks complaining about unconditional offers. If you have 1 (or, like my friend Tess, 2) I would like to ask how and can I get involved?

Having an unconditional offer means:

  1. You have definitely got a place at uni.
  2. You can apply for a student bank account (and there are some really good ones out there).
  3. It’s a weight off your shoulders – not to say that you’ll relax when it comes to exam time.

In short I am very jealous.

I am also jealous of the people that actually enjoy, and have the motivation to do revision. I myself am a dedicated procrastinator, I struggle to even sit down and write these blogs (although writing these blogs is technically a way of procrastinating my revision).

The thing is I still don’t know how to revise. There are so many different ways and none of them seem to be that effective, plus I’m a perfectionist so if I try and make a poster, mindmap, or whatever, I make the slightest mistake and I have to start all over again.

Following these revision tips has helped but let’s just say, I’m not a natural.

syllabus group work

I didn’t find GCSE’s too difficult, all I needed to do to revise was read through my notes. And while I may not have noticed the step up from GCSE to A Level until later on in the year, I have noticed the step up from AS to A2.

By this point in the year some of you may already be in a pretty strong position going towards exams. I have a couple of pieces of coursework under my belt, as well as the performance unit in Drama. And I’m feeling pretty positive, I hope you are too.

Just as a last note: good luck to everyone going for university interviews, including my cousin Holly.