Ten Essentials to Take to University

The dawn of a new era in your life is rapidly approaching: perhaps it’s already here. When forced into independence in such a way you’re likely to find yourself unprepared. In your eyes, cooking a simple plate of beans on toast is comparable to navigating the Sahara, so how on earth are you supposed to know what you’ll need to survive the harsh environment of university life.

Your trusty friends at the Complete University Guide have done it again – here’s our list of essentials to help you get by at uni:


1. Cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery – but don’t go crazy

You may be tempted to drag your parents out and bully them into buying the whole of Argos’ kitchenware double page spread. No need. Just get a few bits and bobs, see what your flatmates turn up with and pitch in together. It’s highly unlikely that your equally eager flatmate will refuse to lend you their wooden spoon from time to time. Remember, they’re just as keen to make a new friend as you are. Failing that, go to the shop a week or two into term time, the world will survive your kitchen shortcomings – we promise.