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Top Ten Universities with the Best Student-Staff Ratio (non-Russell Group) 2020

The more staff a university has in relation to its students, the more likely it is that students will get an engaging learning experience. This countdown shows the universities with the best student to staff ratio.

Overall reputations and rankings aren’t all that students should consider when choosing a university, so this Top Ten excludes the Russell Group universities, highlighting strengths of universities that might otherwise be underrated.

"SOAS students"

2. SOAS University of London

SOAS University of London has the second-best score for Student-Staff Ratio of all non-Russell Group universities. The School of Oriental and African Studies, to give the university its full name, is located in central London and specialises in the teaching of Asian, African and Middle Eastern cultures, politics and languages. One of its earliest lecturers, Dr William Montgomery McGovern, was reputedly the inspiration for the film character Indiana Jones.