Top Universities in Wales 2018

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Wales has it all, stunning countryside (just think Snowdonia National Park), metropolitan cities (Cardiff and Swansea), a beautiful coastline, and to top it all off the friendliest of locals with the most charming of accents. Wales also houses a number of quality universities, here's the pick of the bunch:

"Bangor Pier"

3. Bangor University

The top 3 in Wales have been the same for 5 years now: once again, 3rd place goes to Bangor University, where 5 subjects get top-10 scores. The university is particularly good at supporting students: a peer guiding scheme pairs new arrivals with 2nd or 3rd years to help them settle in, and a pioneering Dyslexia service is known internationally for its expertise. There are also some unusual facilities, including an ocean-going research ship. All this, plus a location of stunning beauty which is a paradise for outdoor sport enthusiasts – no wonder students there are happy with their lot! The university ranks 9th in the UK for Student Satisfaction as well as coming out top in Wales.

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