University Sport Facilities

Whether you are an occasional gym-goer or an elite athlete, universities can offer some of the finest sports facilities and support services in the UK. We look at what university sports facilities you can expect, and you can also check out available sports at each UK university using our University Sport Table.

Students At University Gym

Superb sport facilities

The range and quality of student sports clubs, facilities and classes available will be a revelation.

  • Most universities offer a full range of traditional sports such as football, rugby, netball, badminton, hockey, cricket, tennis and squash.
  • Many universities also provide less common sports such as archery, American football, caving, fencing, gliding, motor sports, sub-aqua, triathlon, ultimate frisbee and windsurfing.
  • The list is varied and constantly changing in response to students' needs and expectations.
  • In addition, there will be opportunities to take part in a wide range of 'lifestyle' or fitness activities from Zumba to Pilates and working out in high-quality gyms, but much better value for money.
  • University sport and physical activity continues to develop and is seen as an important component of the student experience. 

Universities also try, with varying degrees of commitment, to ensure that Wednesday afternoons are free from teaching so students can take part in sport.

Universities are active supporters of student sport at all levels because of the range of benefits it brings to campus life. Exercise, a chance to let off steam and make friends, plus good publicity and relationships between students and the local residents. 

Universities provide and subsidise facilities, they fund professional staff to manage facilities, provide activity programmes (such as recreation classes) and services (such as physiotherapy), and they support student clubs in a range of ways. Many open days have sport sessions where you can ask questions to staff and students about facilities, training and competition. 

Universities Sport Table

In partnership with BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport), the Complete University Guide contacted universities from around the UK to find out what facilities and sports clubs they had available to students. Using our table, you can check what sports and activities are on offer – either by university, or by one or more specific sports. You can also see if there are other local sports opportunities, or volunteer programmes to develop coaches or referees. Finally, elite athletes can see which universities offer performance athlete support services.

Click the link below to access the data.

University Sport Table – see all university sports and activities listed by UK universities.