Top Tips on How to Save Money as a Student

Worrying about money when trying to study can lead to stress, and affect your chances for academic success. Making ends meet on a student budget isn't easy, but there are ways to make your money stretch further.

Scroll through our top ten strategies to help you save money at university and avoid student debt...


2. Make the most of the bank

Get the best bank account by weighing up your options. Keep an eye out for features that will save you money.


If you are looking at having an overdraft, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the overdraft interest free?
  • If it is, what are the repayment conditions?
  • Is the overdraft guaranteed?
  • How big is it?

If you do have an overdraft, try to save it for emergencies, not to spend on treats.

Bank statements

Keep an eye on your bank statements, and regularly track your spending. You can do this easily online. Monitor to ensure any errors on your statements are spotted quickly. Report fraudulent use of your account if it occurs.