University Bursaries and Scholarships

The government wants to ensure individuals are not deterred from coming to universities because of lack of funds.

For a summary (listed by university) of the types of bursaries and scholarships available, check out our Bursary & Scholarship grids.

Where to obtain more information

A significant feature of all these rather complex documents is a description of the new bursaries and scholarships available.

These are really important to readers of this Complete University Guide; as OFFA suggests that some 400,000 students are likely to benefit.

We must also emphasise that these bursaries and scholarships are often targeted at specific groups and hence the list is by no means comprehensive.

The message has to be 'watch this space' and to urge you to look at the relevant prospectuses and websites (including UCAS) when you come to apply to universities.

Our general advice on university bursaries and scholarships is to read the small print on any headline offers, and choose the right university for you, not because it may offer you £500 more a year. 

What you need to do

All of this argues for a great deal of help and advice.

Points to ponder

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