Postgraduate Student Loans in the UK

Postgraduate student loans, also known simply as 'postgraduate loans' or 'master's loans', are now available throughout the UK. They provide financial support to students who wish to study at postgraduate level. 

Student finance postgraduate loan

Students should apply for a postgraduate or master's loan from the nation in which they 'normally reside' – if you've moved there to study, that does not count. Each nation offers different amounts of loan, which may be simply a postgraduate tuition fee loan, or also cover living costs. In some cases the loan may not be enough to cover the cost of your entire tuition. In these instances, you will need to pay the remaining amount using either your own money, or by seeking alternative funding. The loans do not take your household income into account; and you start to repay the loan from the April after your course finishes, if your earnings are over a certain amount.

Find out about postgraduate funding in your area

The main determining factor in deciding which funding body to apply to is where you are primarily resident. so if you normally live in England, you should read our guide to master's loans in England, and so on.

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