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University Tuition Fees and Financial Support

If you are wondering how much it will cost you to go to university and how to apply for student finance, this section has all the relevant information.

Uni Is Very Expensive

What are university tuition fees?

UK universities will usually charge you for course tuition. Fees can vary between universities and between courses. If you are an international student, a different scale of fees is chargeable.

All universities clearly show course fees on their websites. You can also find and check fees for specific courses on our Course Chooser. Make sure to check the universities and courses you are interested in before you make your UCAS choices.

What are student living costs?

As a student, you will also have maintenance or living costs, especially if you move away from home. This can include rent, bills, travel, textbooks and other living expenses.

What financial support is there?

There are two different types of loan that are usually available if you are eligible and plan to study in the UK. They are the:

  • Tuition fee loan – this is paid to your university directly.
  • Maintenance loan – this is paid to you directly to support your living costs.

Be aware that the maintenance loan is means-tested, so your household income is taken into account. This is usually your parents' income, unless you are a mature or independent student who has earned your own living for a number of years. Only those with a low household income are likely to be eligible for full financial support.

Where household income is higher, a student may only be allowed to apply for a reduced amount of maintenance loan – with the implication that the difference will require money to be found elsewhere. This might be through parental contribution, plus a part-time job or savings. It's also worth looking for other financial support, such as grants, bursaries or scholarships, if you are eligible.

How much financial support can I get?

For information on student finance relevant to you, click on the links below for where you live before starting university:

Contact your education authority if you come from the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

If you started your university course in previous year, you remain under the scheme prevailing when your course began for the duration of your degree.

Note: If you have studied a course of higher education before, this may affect the level of support you are entitled to.

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