Postgraduate study at York St John University lets students take their learning to the next level and gain a greater range of skills, knowledge and experience. The quality of the university's teaching, research and academic expertise is the cornerstone of everything it does, but it also understands that a well-rounded university experience is about that and so much more.

Postgraduate Student Statistics

830 postgraduate students in 2016–17

Mode of study

  • Full Time 62%
  • Part Time 38%


  • UK 80%
  • EU 1%
  • Other 19%

Numbers of Students by Subject Area

Subject Research Taught Total
Education 25 285 310
Business & Management Studies 10 155 165
English 5 55 55
Physiotherapy 5 45 50
Theology & Religious Studies 10 20 30
Psychology 5 20 25
Sports Science 10 10 15
History 5 15 15
Music 5 15 15
Occupational Therapy 5 10 15
Drama, Dance & Cinematics 5 10 15
Art & Design 0 10 10
Linguistics 5 5 10
Creative Writing 5 0 5
Communication & Media Studies 5 0 5
Geography & Environmental Science 5 0 5
East & South Asian Studies 0 5 5
American Studies 5 0 5

Figures are rounded to the nearest five.

Postgraduate Tuition Fees

The following are the typical annual course fees for postgraduate students submitted to us by the university (Reddin Survey of University Tuition Fees 2018–2019). Always confirm individual course fees with the university.

Type of Course Taught Postgraduate (£)
Classroom 4,000–9,000
Mixed 4,000–9,000
Laboratory -
Clinical -
Teaching takes place in a classroom or ordinary lecture theatre. Subjects with classroom teaching might include history, maths and philosophy.
Subjects taught in classrooms and laboratories, such as languages.
Much of the teaching may take place in a laboratory and includes biology, chemistry and physics.
Clinical subjects can include dentistry, medicine and veterinary medicine.

Bursaries and Scholarships

  • Whatever the subject, there are likely to be research councils, charities or trusts which students can apply to for funding. York St John University has invested in The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding, which can help students with this. For more information on funding available from the government and York St John University, please visit the website.

Accommodation for Postgraduate Students

  • Accommodation is offered a variety of styles on a number of sites across the city, all within 20 minutes' walk of campus.
  • Most of this university-owned accommodation is rented by undergraduate students; postgraduate applicants are also welcome to apply, although the university cannot guarantee they will be in accommodation with other postgraduate students.
  • University self-catered accommodation is available on the basis of a 44, 46 or 48-week tenancy and costs range between £125–155 per week.